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“First and foremost, I love watching all sorts of NFL games. I’m fascinated by the strategy that goes into each snap. Growing up I played Quarterback so obviously watching Peyton Manning was great. Creating a podcast and having the ability to talk about a team I like while also keeping a level head is just fun to me…. Plus someone has to keep Josh in line.”  – Dan Hertzler

“I started watching Indianapolis Colts football back in elementary school. The first year I started watching, the Colts actually beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41. Even though my goal of the Colts winning the next 20 Super Bowls didn’t pan out, I still love this team and it brings me joy to create content about the team I love.” – Josh Hudgens

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Jonathan Taylor Shares Video Practicing At Colts Facility

Jonathan Taylor Shares Video Practicing At Colts Facility

The Jonathan Taylor saga continues. On Friday Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor shared a video of him working out at the Colts practice facility.

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